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Harmony and Healing with Horses

It All Happens Here…

This is the beginning of a journey of self -discovery for people who wish to find the wondrous joy that comes from sharing space and communicating with a truly feeling, intuitive and wise creature- the horse. When you spend time with a horse you'll gain enough wisdom to last a lifetime-Cathy Mahon

Inspiration and Education

Harmony and Healing with Horses is the blending of my love of horses with my passion for teaching and healing. When you join us you'll find education and inspiration through the equine experience. You can take lessons on the ground or in the saddle. You can sign up for a class or workshop in personal and professional development. Spend a day, a week or a lifetime...


Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning is a powerful and effective approach to personal growth and professional development for individuals and groups. It is a process of learning by DOING rather than by talking and listening. EAL uses horses to co-facilitate and educators to help assimilate information from interactive observations.

NEW PROGRAM "TIME WITH A HORSE" for the horse lover in you-spend an hour, a morning or a whole day-JUST FOR FUN!